Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended broker to use?

Forex Grinder will work with just about any broker with a max spread on the EURUSD of 3 pips.
The recommended broker is Instatrade Corporation.

What kind of support do you offer?

24/7 email support is offered. Email for questions and concerns.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

30-day money-back guarantee if your not satisfied with your results.

How do I get future updates?

All future updates will automatically be e-mailed to the email address you use when you order.

When will I receive my software after purchasing?

You will get access to download your software immediately after paying.

Will it work on more than one account?

Yes, Forex Grinder will work on an unlimited number of accounts.

Will it work with more than just the EURUSD currency pair?

While we only support the EURUSD currency pair, customers have reported success with other pairs such as the EURCHF and EURGBP. Remember to change the magic numbers on each chart if you are running multiple instances of Forex Grinder on the same account.

What are the recommended settings?

Forex Grinder comes pre-loaded with the recommended settings.

Do I have to leave it running 24/7?

Forex Grinder can and will trade during all times of the day so it is recommended to run it as much as possible. You should however avoid running it on sundays, and fridays. So if you can run it 24/4 (Monday to Thursday) that would be optimal.

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