Customer Testimonials

Ray J.

"So far Forex Grinder has been doing amazing on my $5000 eurusd demo account. After my first week it made a whopping 34 trades with only 4 being losers. Account is now up to $6300. Great work here guys so far!"

Gary M.

"I think I was one of the first official Forex Grinder customers, and thank god I bought it when I did. I have been running it live now for close to 3 weeks and it is now got my $1000 account up to over $2500 using a fairly low risk. It is now pulling in more money from Monday to Thursday in trades than I make all week at the office. Here's hoping that this keeps up!"

James T.

"Fantastic EA with an unbelievable strategy. I would love to get the source code for this(is it available? :P). But seriously, rock solid performance so far. Even seeing decent results on the EURCHF currency pair. Great job guys, I will definitely buy from you again."

Peter W.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making this expert advisor available to the public! I've been searching for years now for something, anything that would make me some kind of money on my live account and not have to worry about it wiping the account out over night. Forex Grinder has by far our performed anything I have ever tried in my years of searching. Great support too, you guys are top notch in this field that is for sure."

Amy Y.

"A friend e-mailed me about this new EA she was trying and her results thus far. I was quite surprised how much she was making so fast. With the 30-day money back guarantee, I didn't even hesitate to see what I was missing. I opened a small $500 account at instatrade like recommended and within a few hours of attaching it to the chart, It had already made me $50 lol!! Two weeks later... I am sitting at $1130 :)"

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